Saturday, April 19, 2014



sometimes, things just......happen. like magic.
and that's the beauty behind this series.
just hours after stepping off a plane, Aussie shutterbug Carly Brown
and Venice Beach surfer babe, skate witch & blogger of Gypsea Love
took down a few spicy bloody+mary's, scored a killer sunset session, grabbed a lens & shot til dark.

board by // London brand, Satta
tee // Sister Morphine, Sugarhigh+Lovestoned

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

⫸Paradise Lost⫷

Spring fever is setting in. 
You can almost feel the summer sunlight on your skin, you long for those endless summer nights......
Embrace the crisp air of these first few months of new love, new moons, and fresh new life at every turn. Fill yourself up with all of the earth's energy that surrounds you & let your heart be ready for  new romance, new adventures, tent-hopping, desert tripping, and open-mouth kisses.  
Pack up your car, your bus....or maybe even your friends bus with your oversized hats, fringed moccasins, your favorite cotton tees, and a killer playlist. Oh, and get your festival-panties on cuz it's gonna be one wild ride!


photography~ Amanda Leigh Smith | shot with an analog camera + hand-held prism filters
styling~ Tashina Hill |
desert+fox~ Skye Sengelmann
MUA~ Clarity Mettler
assistant~ @idahoney

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Strip Tees

The heart of our label, is the cotton graphic tee.
 It has it's own soul.....
It's all in how you wear it, what your mood is when you put it on, 
how many days in a row you've been wearing it, 
soon-- it begins to smell like you, feel like you, 
and almost becomes a part of you. 

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What a beautiful buzz.

Love is in the air......

Give me a little drink from your loving cup.
Just one drink and i'll fall down drunk.

Feel your mouth kissing me again....
what a beautiful buzz ~ The Rolling Stones

we brought back, in a very LIMITED supply, your very favorite 
velvet panties & bralettes for a special holiday run! get it or regret it, 
specially priced to get you in the mood. 
photography, shot on film by: Amanda Leigh Smith
lovin' babe: Skye Sengelmann 
styled by: Ginny Slim & Martine LeLievre
random pieces by: Pandeia, Vega Jewerly & Cobra Cult
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